Cops probe 'irregularities' in house allotment

  • Vinod Kumar, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
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  • Updated: Mar 04, 2013 15:59 IST

The UT police have started investigation into alleged corruption in the house allotment process of the department. The inquiry has been initiated by the UT inspector general (IG) of police RP Upadhayaya following a complaint received from one of its employees.

UT SP (operations) RS Ghumman has been given the responsibility of probing the matter and submitting the report in a prescribed time frame.

Terming it as a serious issue, Ghumman said they have started investigating the matter and have seized important records pertaining to the house allotment branch such as applications and diary registers.
He further said the report would be submitted this week. “We have zero tolerance for corruption. Each and every aspect is being looked into to ensure that truth prevails,” Ghumman added.

It has been alleged in the complaint that corrupt practices are being promoted at the Chandigarh Police Headquarters with respect to allotment of police pool house by deliberately leaving loopholes.

The house allotment is done under two categories, fresh allotment and change of quarter. According to norms, fresh allotment is done on basis of seniority fixed by the date of joining of the applicant while change of quarter is done on seniority fixed on the basis of date of entry in receipt register maintained at the dispatch branch. If dates are found to be same of two or more applicants, then serial numbers of the receipt register is considered for fixing seniority.

Explaining the modus operandi, the complainant in his complaint mentioned, “Bogus entries are being used for altering the seniority system to allot police pool houses as per applicants choice for which they have to allegedly shell out more than Rs 30,000.”

To support his contention, the complainant had provided a few examples in which the diary numbers used for allotment purpose were actually the diary numbers of other issues or items.

The complaint also allegedly mentioned that some diary numbers were deliberately left bank for accommodating backdate entries.
The majority of the applications received for change of quarters in the past few years does not carry dispatch number and have not been forwarded by the units of respective applicants. In the years 2009, 2011 and 2012, 150, 173 and 77 applications, respectively, were received at the house allotment branch. Out of which mere 15, 22 and nine applications, respectively, were having proper diary numbers and forwarded by the units of respective applicants.

To cover up the corrupt practices, no separate registers are maintained and information pertaining to list of vacant quarters and seniority list is not made available in the public domain.


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