‘Honour killing’: Jassi Sidhu’s uncle was all-powerful, lawyer suggests

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  • Updated: Jul 25, 2013 12:21 IST

A lawyer representing the mother of a so-called honour killing victim from B.C. wants second-hand evidence admitted in court that suggest the victim’s uncle was the all-powerful decision maker in the family.

Jassi Sidhu was killed in 2000 in India, and her friends have testified she told them she feared for her life because her family disapproved of her secret marriage.

Sidhu’s mother and uncle are facing extradition to India, where they have been charged with conspiracy to murder.

Even though hearsay evidence is not typically admissible in court, lawyer David Crossin says testimony that indicates Sidhu’s uncle was the family patriarch who controlled her life should be considered assertions of fact.

Crossin also says testimony that points to the relationships between Sidhu, her mother, and her uncle can shed light on whether there was a motive to kill.

Federal government lawyers want evidence given by Sidhu’s friends admitted in court, saying the young woman had no reason to lie about her fears to people she trusted.


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