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Regional Takes

Politics prevails over military sense

The tragic snuffing out of two innocent lives in Budgam has saddened everyone. Relative absence of unrest in the wake of the deaths has not escaped observers’ attention, pointing towards the improvement in the security situation brought about by the untiring efforts of the military and police. Writes Mandeep Singh Bajwa.

Towards Caste-free reporting

Today’s column is not about politician bashing but is instead directed towards a very crucial issue which has been bothering me for a long time now. It is about the media going bananas over usage of caste and religious permutations and combinations while reporting, especially elections. Writes Kushwant Singh.

Mind your language

If one picks up the trail of litter and vandalisation of migratory bird placards/posters put up by the Forests and Wildlife department at the Sukhna lake’s Bird Walk, the spoor is unmistakably that of educated, well-to-do youths. These are not unlettered hooligans, so impoverished by poverty as to be entirely relieved of moral and civilised sensibilities. Writes Vikram Jit Singh

Missed call buddies

Even in this age of Whatsapp, there are some who have the habit of giving missed calls to friends on mobile phones. They do so hoping that the receiver will call back. Writes Jinderjeet Singh.

Train to childhood

Like most people, I hold my childhood memories close to my heart. If someone reminds me of those carefree days, I become emotional and go on a nostalgic trip. Of all the childhood memories, one stands out quite vividly: my fascination for trains. Writes Rameshinder Singh Sandhu.

A day with myself

I woke up on a Saturday morning after an eight-hour sleep, with my body and mind amply rejuvenated. I stretched my backbone and sat crosslegged, facing a bright red dot on the wall. I focused all my energies on it, filtering out unnecessary thoughts that unconsciously clog the mind. Writes Anusha Singh.

Bird of paradise

From the well of memory, I recall a garden party held in the Mughul Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhawan in Delhi long decades ago. Just after the heralds announced the arrival of the President with India’s first lady at his side and, after the guests rose to greet the head of state, in that ringing silence a female voice in clipped colonial accent resounded.Writes Robin Gupta

Warm hugs we can wear

Every year when winter arrives, almost all of us remember the sweaters that our lovely mothers knitted by hand, bringing to us the feeling of warmth and being hugged again and again. To me, every sweater tells a story but like Anastasia Hollings wrote in Beautiful World: "Every picture tells a story, but sometimes it's hard to know what story is actually being told." Writes Manika Ahuja.

Many mysteries of corporate lingo, and my zero cycles

“Do we have the bandwidth to accommodate the bearish concerns of most verticals and still be bullish about our prospects to make an aggressive quote?”
Hanji? What? What did you say?“We must do a competitive analysis, assess our cash-burn rate, ensure cash-flow benefits. If required to increase bandwidth, we may even have to backfill. So, rather than jettisoning resources, we must leverage our synergies.”.Writes Aarish Chhabra

Unlocking the IIM door

The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2014 for entry to the hallowed portals of Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) and other top business schools starts next Sunday. Writes Madhusheel Arora.

Befriending the humble bicycle

A chance meeting with photographer Ranbeer Kranti who was getting ready to showcase his photographs at the Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh, is enough to send the mind reeling and the heart humming. What ignited the mind and soul thus were some evocative photographs of bicycle riders and the human-powered machine. Writes Nirupama Dutt.

Time scales for  fish

How did experts determine that the maximum a Golden mahseer ever lived was 50 years? The subject came up recently when keen angler, Major Sanjay S Dadhwal (retd), hooked a mahseer from the Gobind Sagar. Following an earlier request from Prof MS Johal, who is a fisheries researcher at Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh, Major Dadhwal duly removed a few scales, freed the mahseer, and couriered the scales to the PU. Writes Vikram jit Singh

Conditional consumption

The chief minister of one of the politically significant states of our country came up with a perceptively meaningful sermon on use of alcohol when he stated that there is no harm in its consumption as a medicine and at evening. Writes Avnish Sharma.

AFSPA again in line of fire

The death of two young men at an army naka in Budgam district (Jammu and Kashmir) recently has understandably resulted in large-scale protests in the Kashmir valley. From what has so far surfaced in the media, it appears to be a case of over-reaction on the part of Rashtriya Rifles troops at the naka. Writes Lt Gen Harwant Singh (retd).

All creatures great and small

'We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves', authored by Karen Joy Fowler, was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2014. The narrator is a girl, deeply affected and scarred by the loss of her twin sister, Fern, who was separated from her in childhood. Writes Pallavi Singh.
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