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Seize the moment, young people

Having lived a professional life of 40 years with all its challenges, I am convinced that the Indian youth now should take the country in own hands. Until recently, it was in the hands of the moneyed, the powerful, the influential, the ageing. Now, at places, it has moved into the hands of the younger leaders who are knowledgeable and know what they want. Writes Kiran Bedi.

Of loathsome bores wearing grins

You often come across unflappable people who may not have caused you any harm but still you don’t like them. Also, this may not emanate from some annoying act done by the person disliked by you, but then he has a kind of disposition to flaunt, as if the entire world is against him, and you are justified in not having him in any reckoning. I have some people in mind when I write this, but trust me I have nothing against them. Only their unintended, irritating looks or even wry smiles manifesting on their face like a smirk, put me off.Writes Rajbir Deswal

Punjab’s ‘gup’ model of politics

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress vice president was recently in Chandigarh from where he announced his intention of saving Punjab via a ‘Save Punjab Campaign’. Kudos to him for generating such a marvel of a slogan, but sadly, in spite of the brilliant catchphrase I think it has not cut much ice with Punjabis. Writes Khushwant Singh

Lessons from a rickshaw-puller

I was beginning my school-teaching career at Haldia, a coastal town in West Bengal, and had asked the domestic help to get me a rickshaw to there. Soon at my door was a lean, stooping man in shirt and lungi. Writes Sucharita Lahiri.

If Chandigarh goes the Punjab way

Here we go again. Every time something of consequence happens on the political landscape of Punjab or Haryana, one question gets asked: Which way will Chandigarh go? As if Chandigarh ever goes anywhere. Writes Aarish Chhabra.

Amar-Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Back in November 1994, when Narasimha Rao was India’s PM and Beant Singh Punjab’s CM, my classmates made me bunk college to watch the latest Hindi flick, Andaz Apna Apna (AAA). I would have rather gone home or to an ahata, being still in a daze weeks after sitting through that marathon family drama with two intermissions, Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Writes Vikramdeep Johal.

British commemoration of India’s role in WWI

The British High Commission commemorated India’s contribution to the World War I effort by organising a reception in Delhi on October 30. The event was a grand affair, organised in the way only the British can. Writes Mandeep Singh Bajwa.

In Heaven's wake

Rainbow and brown trout grilled and served in lemon butter sauce is standard fare in the high Himalayas. But unlike the white wines that are relished with fish, NS Chawla ‘Noni’ preferred to buck the ‘poison’ protocol. He savoured red wines with the day’s catch at Banjar in the Kullu tract. This alumni of St John’s High School, Chandigarh (first batch of pass-outs in 1963), wears his ‘Sardar’ identity proudly. Writes Vikram Jit Singh

Viva la woman

Woman is indeed the best creation of God. One just has to look around to grasp the influence that women have on our surroundings. From home to office, from factories to the highest echelons of power, a woman does her work quietly and efficiently. Writes Kanika Dua Ahuja.

New Delhi, 1984. New York, 2014.

In my parent’s bedroom is a framed photo that seems a bit out of place. The small image has an aged yellow tint and displays my father at the young age of 24, standing proudly atop the GB Pant Hospital in New Delhi, India. He looks just as I do now. Tall, skinny, his not-yet full beard kept neatly on the sides of his jaw as he sports a clean pair of glasses and a neat turban matching his shirt. Writes Manmeet Singh Gujral.

Amrita Pritam's last wish

A few months after Amrita Pritam's demise on this day in 2005, my friend Ashwani called up from Rajpura. He told me that after listening to his rendering of some Sufi verses at her residence during her last days, Amrita had said, "Ashwani, please come to my place once again after I am gone and sing some Sufi kalam right here in my bedroom." Writes Manoj Kumar.

Black Beauty

I remember going to school riding Black Beauty during the mid-1960s. She was the epitome of beauty, sturdiness, power and reliability. Her curves and lines made many a head turn. She was a rare specimen and never failed in her duty or shirked from her responsibility. Writes Mahavir Jagdev.

The bunking buddies

A friend and I decided to watch the first movie show of the day only to find my 16-year-old daughter and her pals walking into the cinema hall after bunking school! My first reaction was to confront her and ask her why she was at the movies and not attending class? I was upset at the thought of my child bunking school to watch a film. Fortunately, I took a couple of deep breaths and calmed down. I decided not to confront her in front of her friends.Writes Sona Sethi

Money Grewal and the bees

Bees generally ignore humans and focus their attention and energies to collecting honey, working themselves into a frenzy. However, when their hives are disturbed and during certain seasons, they can get aggressive and sting with vengeful ferocity. Writes Harwant Singh.

Tradition and modernity

As a college student, I often want to know why tradition is always at loggerheads with modernity. Why can't tradition and modernity simply complement each other? We grow up with tradition and embrace modernity around the same time. Writes Geetanjali Sharma.
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