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Regional Takes

One for the road and more

Different people in the world have a different protocol when it comes to drinking, with the best of scotch whiskeys, malts, hemlock, vine, beer, feni of Goa, or our own desi tharra. Not only that, there are different shapes of glasses, tumblers, goblets and mugs to drink from. Writes Rajbir Deswal.

No fault in our stars

Surfing the net the other day, I casually typed the word L-O-V-E onto a search engine. The first link that appeared was a 'love calculator'! I was baffled. So here was 'Doctor Love', who calculated the love quotient of two persons based on their names. So, clearly out of curiosity I inserted two names. Writes Anchal Mahajan.

To praise or not to praise

Does appreciating someone elicit better behaviour and a more amicable relation or does it bolster the ego and lead to snobbery? Are you generous with praise or do you withhold this generosity fearing adverse results?.Writes Parminder Kaur

No kidding, please

My sister had a baby last month. It’s a boy. Thanks for the congratulations, but I have mixed feelings. And these feelings have taken precedence over more pertinent social stuff like the Baba Rampal fiasco, because I do not necessarily have to love Rampal and other such babas. With my nephew, it’s more complicated. I have to love him. I mean, I do love him. He is my first nephew after all. But I have mixed feelings because, so far, I had only one emotion to spare for kids: Irritation. Writes Aarish Chhabra

Riding in better policy

Transport is one of the fundamental requirements of business and the recent strike by diesel-run auto operators needs to be taken as a warning. Over 10,000 operators and drivers paralysed life for the relatively poorer populace of the tricity for over five days, before the administration did a volte-face and allowed 5,500 of these diesel-run autos to run in Chandigarh till March 31, 2015. Writes Madhusheel Arora

Garam chai, samosas and art

When we think of food on canvas, the pictures we conjure in our mind are the classic European still life with sensuous fruits arranged with care on a stemmed fruit dish and a backdrop of silk drapes. Writes Nirupuma Dutt

Uncommon White Nuns

Bird guide Jagat Parkash Verma is a local lad who took to bird-watching at Bhindawas Lake, Jhajhar, in 1985. On November 16, 2014, he saw a 'fairish' bird amid a flock of migratory Gadwalls. Writes Vikram Jit Singh  

1931, a love story

"Soodha will you work or just scamper around in your red 'ghaghra' (skirt) and 'choli' (blouse)? Cover your head with a 'dupatta' (scarf). You bring shame to us!" yelled a middle-aged woman. Soodha was a vivacious 21-year-old who wore colourful dresses and heavy white metal earrings. Writes Hari Chand Aneja.

How much is too much?

Avarice is a trait for which I do not claim exclusivity. Most of you would find its traces in yourself, though in varying proportions. A cursory glance of the scriptures made me aware of five vices. One of them is greed. Writes Avneet Kanwal Randhawa.

Ashraf, the shawl wala

Ashraf hails from Anantnag in the Kashmir Valley. More than half of the year he is away from home earning for his family, comprising an ailing mother, wife and two little girls. He is one among thousands of Kashmiris who travel across the country to sell their local products such as shawls and carpets. Writes Avnish Sharma.

Snow White's pecking order

During my childhood, we had a hen-pen at home. There were around a dozen birds in it. Every morning, I would open the pen to collect the eggs. The hens were in different shapes, sizes and colours; black, brown and multi-coloured. But the one that stood out was the pure white dominating one. I had named her Snow White. Writes Mahavir S Jagdev.

Kashmir killings and their aftermath

The encounter at Machil in 2010 has finally been fully exposed and acknowledged by the military as a ‘staged encounter’. Court-martial has dished out the necessary punishment to the offenders of this despicable crime. It is hoped that the civilians involved in this heinous act will soon meet similar justice. Writes Lt Gen Harwant Singh (retd).

Recounting experiences of first visit abroad

These days, going abroad has become common. I am relating the experiences of my first visit abroad when going abroad on a holiday was a rarity. My wife and I went to the US to visit my sister in Washington DC. We embarked upon our tour via the UK. Writes Wg Cdr DPS Bajwa (retd).

Tryst with spoken English

This dates back some 25 years when I alighted from a bus at Anandpur Sahib, and with a bag slung over my shoulders, started walking towards Sri Dasmesh Academy, a boarding school, which I was to join as a lecturer in English. As I covered some distance, a smartly dressed young man brought his tractor to a screeching halt just ahead of me. Writes Beant Singh.

As SAD-BJP chill deepens, welcome season of honesty

Politics in Punjab has scaled new heights of honesty over the past few months. Both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) have discovered that the other is corrupt. Writes Aarish Chhabra.
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