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September 22, 2002

Rajani? Tendulkar died last Thursday. At 48, and suddenly. Priya was cut short in mid-career, mid-crusade, almost in mid ...
June 30, 2002

News is like a mugger. It has this nasty habit of lurking around in the shadows, and then jumping at you, knocking you o ...
June 29, 2002

Scientists have curried favour with rice.
June 29, 2002

Daryll D?Mountain constitutes one section of the increasingly fragile ecosystem of earth-savers. Theirs has been a long ...
June 29, 2002

We asked the Prime Minister for a decision on war, and instead he gave us the weather report. Not since the early days o ...
June 29, 2002

It's a World Cup finals that only 18 million Indian homes will be able to see because Ten Sports has only tenuous links ...
June 29, 2002

Hairy Navel? is now a drink, not the undepilitated gazing-point of George Fernandes. Or of Dom Moraes, M.F. Husain, V.S. ...
March 16, 2003

America was discovered because Columbus lost his way; and the Americans have been going off track ever since.
March 9, 2003

Jhooth boley, Media katey, Mayawati se dariyo. Mein mikes lekar chala jaoonga Tum phenkte rahiyo.
March 23, 2003

Alec is smarting. No, he?s seething. Because I?ve him asked to pack his bori-bistar, and move again.
March 2, 2003

The Australian of the week was Glenn McGrath, not Kylie Minogue.
February 23, 2003

The Great Leader growled, "My doctors berate me for eating what I should not be eating, and now...
January 13, 2003

?The I&B Minister, Sushma Swaraj, said there should be no condoms in the AIDS ads? ? News item.
January 5, 2003

It?s the backlash. After the heat generated by Gujarat, has come the cold wave.
December 1, 2002

On World AIDS Day, it is obligatory to cash in on the cheap pun of ?Positive People?. Parade them like freaks in what li ...
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