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December 14, 2002

'Since it?s been Guj e-week, I?m going to be communal. Hindus and Muslims are clawing at each other like cats so I?m goi ...
January 26, 2003

Today?s the Niwasi Bharatiya Diwas. The PIOs may have been given dual citizenship, but we POIs are poised to demand much ...
June 29, 2002

Scientists have curried favour with rice.
October 26, 2002

First, the Prime Minister?s knees got more attention than Monica Lewinsky?s.
November 3, 2002

"I am playing the role of an agony aunt in UP" ? Amar Singh
December 22, 2002

Mari Gori Gujaratan? could be the latest version of My Fair Lady, now that everyone is singing Narendra Modi's tune.
March 23, 2003

Alec is smarting. No, he?s seething. Because I?ve him asked to pack his bori-bistar, and move again.
June 29, 2002

Daryll D?Mountain constitutes one section of the increasingly fragile ecosystem of earth-savers. Theirs has been a long ...
July 14, 2002

A venues can be right up your street. The world has many celebrated ones. Oxford Street and Fifth Avenue are mandatory f ...
September 29, 2002

Last Sunday, I went to a memorial brunch for my friend, the adman Frank Simoes.
August 4, 2002

Move over chicks, it?s been the week of the Chikna. The entire country forgot about the drought, the Sensex and cross-bo ...
February 8, 2003

A mineral-water bottle dangling near toned butts has become so common a sight that it could well be called a hip flask. ...
January 5, 2003

It?s the backlash. After the heat generated by Gujarat, has come the cold wave.
February 16, 2003

This title does not refer to a wholly-Bharatiya, VHP-approved sexual position. It is the cultural contortion created by ...
June 29, 2002

It's a World Cup finals that only 18 million Indian homes will be able to see because Ten Sports has only tenuous links ...
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