For Pahadpur's menfolk, marriage is a bridge too far

Two cement poles serve as a bridge across river Nakatiya for Pahadpur villagers. HT/Sachin Saini

Lack of development not only hampers economic growth, but also social structure. A case in point is Pahadpur in Bareilly district. The poor condition of the village has discouraged women from marrying men from here.

With no proper bridge and road, the village, which  is situated on the banks of river Nakatiya, turns into an island every monsoon. People have to wade through knee-high water to cross the river.

Today, there are around 20 youths of marriageable age in Pahadpur, which has a population of less than 500.

Last year, a number of families had visited the village with marriage proposals. “But they changed their minds after visiting the village during monsoon,” said Ranveer, a local youth.

The villagers have a makeshift bridge — cement poles placed across the river.

With politicians visiting here only during poll season, the future of the youths here seems as precarious as the makeshift bridge.


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