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How Narendra Modi took over Gujarat BJP, pushed out rivals

The BJP's Gujarat unit is loyal first to an individual and not the party or its ideology. The Gujarat BJP is today one man who has pushed out all potential competitors, writes Aakar Patel.

Modi, man for all jobs and minister of all he surveys

The Gujarat chief minister holds 14 portfolios. Could it be the reason that BJP leaders feel disgruntled? He leaves little else for his fellow ministers to do other than thump the table in his praise, writes Aakar Patel.

How to win friends, influence people like Narendra Modi

The chief minister has a negative image outside of Gujarat, but in his state he is a hero. Gujaratis are proud of the national appeal he has, and the bad press that he is given does not really matter to them. Aakar Patel takes look at why this is.

Narendra Modi, Gujarat home minister and utter failure

He failed to control riots in 2002, his minister has been convicted for rioting and his top anti-terrorism police officer is in jail. The chief minister has failed on four fronts but insists on keeping the portfolio, writes Aakar Patel.

Narendra Modi: is he any match to Sardar Patel?

The Gujarat chief minister's supporters like to call him Lion of Gujarat and Chhote Sardar (junior Vallabhbhai Patel). He likes the first name but not the second, writes Aakar Patel.

Revealed: Narendra Modi's strategy to win votes

The Chief Minister is a local leader, but he has been able to build an image as the most electorally popular BJP leader nationally. Aakar Patel reveals how Modi achieved this success.

Deafening silence: Modi policy is not to answer for 2002

Narendra Modi rarely grants interviews and he absolutely refuses to speak about the 2002 riots. Still, the media gives him top headline without fail. What's the secret of his PR success? Aakar Patel finds out.

The Narendra Modi praise and personality cult

There can be no one bigger than Narendra Modi in Gujarat: he won't allow it. From government websites to offices, praise is reserved for him. Aakar Patel explains how the Gujarat chief minister has built a personality cult for himself.

Political puzzle: does the Congress want to win Gujarat polls?

Opinion polls indicate that the BJP will win Gujarat elections again. Narendra Modi attacks the Congress every day.  And yet the Congress appears to be avoiding a head-on fight with Modi, writes Aakar Patel. Is it even interested in winning Gujarat?

The Top Job: does Modi have it in him to be PM?

Can Narendra Modi's clarity and ability to work hard overcome his ego and inability to share power? Aakar Patel lists the strengths and weaknesses of the Gujarat leader if he were to become PM.

No contest: why Congress leaders fail before Narendra Modi

The Congress  gets a robust voteshare in Gujarat elections, but it has failed to win back the state since 1985. It keeps changing state leaders but it never impresses voters. Aakar Patel finds out what ails the party in Gujarat. Aakar Patel writes.

Congress' caste equation fails to get it the numbers

The electoral strategy that the party had framed in the seventies after losing support of the Patel community can longer get it votes. The party has to come up with fresh ideas to get the votes of all communities, writes Aakar Patel.


Gujarat Elections 2012:
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Cong to target Modi through music CDs

In a carefully crafted strategy for the coming elections in Gujarat, the Congress is avoiding personal attacks on chief minister Narendra Modi. Instead, the party will target him on development issues, Aurangzeb Naqshbandi reports.

EC bans using Navratra functions for poll campaign

 Election Commission which on Sunday barred all kinds of political activities at religious functions in poll-bound Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh during the nine-day revelry.