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Sunita Williams voted before flying to her home in space

Indian American astronaut Sunita Williams has already voted by absentee ballot, but if she wanted she could have voted in the US presidential election from her home in space on election day itself.

Online bettors place last wagers on Obama, Romney as polls close

Trading in US stocks was quiet on Tuesday but betting on the US presidential race reached fever pitch with most online gambling sites giving President Barack Obama favorable odds to win.

Obama checks in on Reddit to make final vote plea

With the US election going down to the wire, President Barack Obama made a final plea for votes on Tuesday on the Reddit website, where he held a much publicized online chat with the public in August.

Romney turns road warrior on campaign final day

Exploiting every last moment of the campaign, Republican Mitt Romney hit the road on election day Tuesday, racing out to Ohio for a final shot at the crucial battleground that frames his bid for presidential glory.

Ohio voters feel the weight of their ballot

Voters in Ohio felt like kingmakers Tuesday as the toss-up race for the White House looked set to be decided in their battleground state.

Memorable quotes on US election day

As Americans vote Tuesday in a cliff-hanger presidential election, here are some memorable election day quotes:

Indian-Americans vote for Obama in swing states: survey

Nearly three-fourth of Indian-Americans voted for US President Barack Obama in the swing states which are considered to be decisive in final results, a sample survey has found.

Todd Akin, rape row Republican, loses Senate race: networks

Barack Obama's Democrats were on a path today to retain control of the Senate, holding on to a key seat in Missouri where the losing Republican candidate triggered a firestorm with comments about "legitimate rape."

Congress vote leaves US set for more gridlock

Democrats looked set to hold onto the Senate and Republicans retained the House of Representatives on Tuesday, setting up the prospect of more partisan gridlock in a divided Congress.

Americans in Paris plumped for Obama at iconic bar

Americans at Harry's Bar, an iconic watering hole in the French capital, fervently backed Barack Obama for the US presidency on Tuesday, leaving little doubt about their feelings for Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney: a turnaround master turned away again

Mitt Romney was a shrewd businessman, a skilled governor and an Olympic turnaround master, but on Tuesday his six-year quest for the presidency came to a crushing end.

Obama hugs Michelle and makes Facebook, Twitter history

It was a moving photo like countless others on Facebook, but the caption "four more years" said it all -- US President Barack Obama had won re-election, and was about to make social media history. How twitter proved a gamechanger | The battle online

China congratulates President Barack Obama on re-election

Chinese leader Hu Jintao congratulated US President Barack Obama on his re-election, noting 'positive progress' in Sino-US relations over the past four years, China's foreign ministry said on Wednesday.