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First lady leads charge

No one has quite the same view of the Obama presidency as Michelle Obama. And who better than her to lead the appeal for our more years for President Barack Obama.

Romney seeks momentum in campaign swing

Republican Mitt Romney hits the campaign trail hard this week to try to inject some fresh momentum into his flagging presidential bid as polls show his path to the White House narrowing.

Romney to finally unveil economic plan

Trailing in polls, regularly castigated by fellow Republicans, Mitt Romney is resetting his campaign one more time, now with an economic plan he has talked about but never detailed. Yashwant Raj reports.

'35% of Americans will have voted before polling day'

Almost a third of American voters, if not more, would have cast their votes even before the doors to polling stations open on November 6. Yashwant Raj reports.

Majority of Indian-Americans support Obama

An overwhelming majority of Indian-Americans support US President Barack Obama against his Republican rival Mitt Romney in November presidential elections, a national survey has said.

Obama plays catch-up after lethargic debate

President Barack Obama spent Thursday firing off the lines he missed in his debate with Mitt Romney, clawing at his Republican foe in a bid to deprive him of a well earned polling boost.

Shot fired at Obama campaign office

A shot has been fired at a campaign office for President Barack Obama in the western US state of Colorado, shattering a window but injuring no one, police said.

Romney surges ahead of Prez in key states

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is surging ahead of the incumbent US President Barack Obama in dozen odd key battleground states, latest poll results show.

Obama, Romney register complaint against moderator's role

In a rare display of bipartisanship, both Obama and Romney campaigns have complained to the Commission on Presidential Debates about the moderator of the second presidential debate for publicly describing its role.

Michelle Obama casts her vote for November 6 elections

The US first lady, Michelle Obama, has already cast her vote for the November 6 presidential election, using the "early voting" provisions of the country's electoral process.

Do-or-die debate for Barack Obama

With his hopes of a second term under threat, US Prez Barack Obama will seek to summon fresh energy today to thwart Mitt Romney’s momentum in their crucial second debate. HT reports. Obama vs Romney

Presidential debate: round 2 goes to an aggressive Obama

President Barack Obama hammered Mitt Romney on Libya and his corporate past on Tuesday as he got the better of his Republican challenger in a fiery debate three weeks from election day. Polls show Obama as winner in round 2 | Obama, Romney clash over outsourcing to India

Obama leading US down 'road to Greece': Romney

Republican challenger Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama on Tuesday of leading the United States down the "road to Greece" with economic policies that would drive the national debt up to $20 trillion.