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Important to raise awareness about education among children: Gambhir

Yesterday I got into a partnership. A partnership which goes beyond runs, averages and cricketing victories. This partnership is with Hindustan Times’ You Read They Learn initiative. Through this I will be trying my bit to raise awareness on importance of education amongst children. Gautam Gambhir writes. Gambhir bats for HT campaign video-icon

Education matters: Gautam Gambhir explains why

In Kerala, which has a population of over 3 crore people, the literacy rate is more than 93%. It is clear that education ensures that people find a way to their livelihoods. Gautam Gambhir writes for HT's initiative.

Help enroll a child in school and become agents of change

One of the beauties of a challenge is that it has an opportunity hidden in it. At the moment I am in a similar situation where a challenge is thrown at me and I've to turn the same into an opportunity. Gautam Gambhir reports.  


You Read They Learn

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