Royals bottle-up the new 'Pinky'

Rajasthan Royals masseur Derek Sedgman is in love with 'Pinky'. He has even launched a hunt for her after his brief encounter, following his team's win against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) on April 8.

Sadly, the quest is still on, despite Sedgman travelling all the way from Jaipur to Mumbai.

Before you get ideas, Pinky is nothing but a blushing, pink vodka, which has turned the masseur on.

"It's got nice smell. An Indian gentleman did the favour and I really liked it. I even searched for it after party but couldn't get it," said Sedgman.

The masseur's love for the vodka came to the fore after he tweeted, 'Details after party was a cock of _ _ _ _ tonight best thing was to drink Pinky Vodka again trying to buy some to take back to OZ' on April 8. "Yes I would like to take a few back to Australia," Sedgman said.

The masseur, who has been with the franchisee since the second edition of the IPL, admitted the players were reluctant when he started back in 2009 but they have now understood the importance of a rub down.

"The masseur plays an important role in tournaments like the IPL where players have to travel a lot apart from playing back-to-back games."

"Remedial massage helps an injured player to return to normal health. It speeds up recovery time," he added.

And on the contrasting characters of RR captain Rahul Dravid and his predecessor Shane Warne, Sedgman said, "They may be very different off and on the field, but both are legends of the game."


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