Delhi’s love affair with DPS

Almost like a law of nature, there is a law of school surveys — where there is a Delhi Public School(DPS) it will be in the Top Ten. The brand is indeed the navratna of schools in city. With 4 DPS schools in the top 20(DPS Ghaziabad is run by a different society), it is the one dominant chain in the top 20. What has kept the DPS brand on top?

DPS schools have built a reputation around academic excellence (You didn’t think it was because Dipsites are cool, did you?). It used to be the ‘sasta aur tikaoo’ option for Delhi parents — you knew what you were getting. But DPS has evolved with the times, making the brand equity stronger (and, in turn, not so sasta anymore).

For long, ‘The Factory’, as many call it, has produced some of India’s brightest — the appeal is natural if you knew how many IITians went to a DPS

DR Saini, principal, DPS RK Puram, the mothership of the chain, says the success of the brand has been due to “the transparent working of the DPS society — the right teachers are selected, we inculcate a sense of belonging in the system and students are meritorious”.  Disspelling the ‘factory’ tag, he said:“We are in Delhi; parents are professionals and want their child to be accepted into good universities. Yes, we have a reputation for excelling in academics, but we stress on the all-round development of the child.”

It may seem to good to be true, but going to a DPS has its downsides. You probably won’t know people in your own batch, and, well, you’re called a Dipsite.


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