Even Bolt won't mind a shot at IPL

The post-race press conference of the 200m winners had journalists from across the world filling the room choc-a-bloc. As questions rained on him on subtleties of the race it was left to your correspondent to raise the cricket query.

"I just love cricket," he said. "I love T20. I follow the IPL.

IPL cricket is really good and I enjoy it." Would he like to play in the league if offered a chance? "Yes, definitely. That'll be fun, it'll be fun and joy for me. It'll be something new to try. I know I have a lot of fans in India, so it'll be good."

All along when Bolt was answering, Warren Weir — the bronze winner in the race — kept raising his hand looking for a chance to butt in and speak his mind.

It was apparent from his eagerness that the man also loves his cricket.

However, the accumulated media from the world had little patience for questions on a sport that few of them knew anything about and the next barrage of questions just did not allow Weir to say his bit.


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