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Objectivity has no place in a novelist's life, says Philip Hensher

Philip Hensher
Philip Hensher, the author of Scenes from Early Life (2013), an Ondaatje prize winner that has Bangladesh as setting, uses history in his novels to set up a place, rather than use the form of the historical novel to tell his story.

Coups and dictators have their link to black comedy

What happens behind the scenes in revolutions and CIA and British-backed coups in the Americas and Iran formed part of a rivetting conversation between writers Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Michael Axworthy, and Samantha Weinberg during the Jaipur Literature Festival.

'Beauty of Islam, it can mean what you want it to be'

Reza Aslan
Iranian-American writer Reza Aslan on the different interpretations of Islam depending on geography, individuals and intent.

Feminism makes love easier, says Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem
On the sidelines of Jaipur Literature Festival, American feminist Gloria Steinem speaks about what constitutes a gender-equal society, true love, feminism and the aftermath of December 16 gang-rape.

Amish Tripathi's The Immortals Of Meluha set for a Hollywood adaptation

Amish Tripathi
Author Amish Tripathi, who created waves in Indian publishing with a $1 million book contract, has cracked it even bigger this time with an American producer purchasing the rights to The Immortals Of Meluha.

How post 9/11 the world turned battlefield and soldiers spies

Mark Mazzetti
Named after Mazetti’s book, The Way of Knife, the second session saw policy expert Barnett Rubin, Adrian Levy who has written on the Mumbai attack, Mark Mazzetti and television journalist Ben Anderson, discussing various aspects of the CIA’s shape-shifting since the 70s.


Who's your favourite author at Jaipur Literature Festival 2014?

Jerry Pinto, Jhumpa Lahiri, Amish Tripathi, Samantha Shannon, Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi are among the authors who are making it to Jaipur Literature Festival this time. But who's your favourite?