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January 25, 2013
Fall in love: Duh! That doesn't even merit a mention. But till you get the 'feeling' (read: scene from the movie Rock Star, where the portly canteen guy coaches Ranbir Kapoor on how to score points with Nargis Fakhri), you're not quite there, buddy!

Dream about him/her: And while you're at it, plaster a goofy smile on your face as often as you can. The more emo, the better.
A certain kind of music in the background: If Kurt Cobain is your God, too bad. Ignore him. Maybe the friendly banter between Michael Jackson and Sir Paul McCartney in The Girl is Mine works. But Beethoven and Mozart have it in them to transport you to your dreamland.

Way with words: "I have a fat cat that likes to scratch my cricket bat" will work only if you're in kindergarten. Rise above the stupid.
Keep it simple, silly: You don't have to write using the thesaurus, really! Simplicity is the prime and the only rule. And it sounds so much better too!

If she had her way, Shreya Sethuraman would talk in rhyme

From HT Brunch, January 27

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