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Divya Kapoor, Hindustan Times
January 28, 2013
Patience is a forgotten quality in today's world. We easily get frustrated over small irritants - like while waiting in the traffic jam or when we have to wait for a friend.

People can even get over the person they are in love with just because their beloved was making them wait. This means we have shifted to an attitude that requires things to happen in seconds.

There are people who give up on the way or spoil things merely out of impatience. Why are we so impatient regarding every major happening of our life? The fruit gets riper and sweeter only with time.

While we may want things to happen within split seconds, still the biggest and the best things that happen to us take their own time. For instance, babies are clearly the best gifts for any parents. Are we born in split seconds? No, we takenine months to come out of our mother's womb and then many more years to grow. Doesn't it suggest that nature has its own timing?

One must learn to respect time and its value because patience is the lesson that is going to transform your life completely. When you know about your destination, you should not be bothered about the road. The rougher the road in between, the tougher you become in the end!

Nobody ever said life would be easy or very tough. Great people just assured that it would definitely be worth living. All that is needed is patience and interest. I am happy I am making it worth by taking one thing at a time.