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London, February 01, 2013
Zeta-jones jealous of husband’s kiss London: Chicago star Catherine Zeta-Jones is jealous that her husband actor Michael Douglas got to kiss his co-star Matt Damon in their upcoming movie 'Behind The Candelabra'. The 43-year-old Welsh actress talked about her man’s new flamboyant role as Liberace on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

“I know if my husband's going to kiss anyone let it be Matt Damon. I have never kissed Matt Damon. I’m so jealous,” Zeta-Jones said.

The actress then recalled the moment she once told Douglas that she was sharing a passionate embrace with former co-star Brad Pitt.

She said that despite Pitt being one of the most hottest actors in the industry, Douglas was incredibly supportive.  PTI http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2013/1/01_02_13-metro16b.jpg

Thinking like a superhero works

London: Acting the part of a superhero makes people more likely to behave like one in real life.

Robin Rosenberg and colleagues at Stanford University in the US created a virtual reality environment, in which volunteers had the ability to fly through the air like Superman or rode as passengers in a helicopter.

They were then assigned one of two tasks: help find a missing diabetic child or tour a virtual city.  http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2013/1/01_02_13-metro16.jpg

The researchers explain that regardless of which task they performed, “Participants who were given the power to fly like Superman in virtual reality were more helpful afterward, out of virtual reality, compared to participants who were passengers in a helicopter in virtual reality.”  ANI

Man finds rare bit of whale vomit

London: A British man has been offered £43,000 for a rare piece of whale vomit, weighing 3kg, that his dog stumbled upon while they were taking a walk on the beach.

The substance, which is found in the digestive system of sperm whales, is valuable and used in perfume.

Ken Wilman from Morecambe said he left the ambergris on the beach but “something triggered in my mind” and, after doing some research, he went back to get it.” He is now waiting to egt the piece tested.  PTI

Youtube to charge for some content

London: Google-owned video sharing website YouTube is to offer paid subscriptions for some premium content later this year.

The site has asked several of its contributors to submit applications to create paid-for channels.

The first channels will be available to users for between $1 and $5 per month. YouTube plans to keep around 45% of the subscription revenue themselves, with the rest going to the producers of the content. It has hinted about plans to offer subscription-based content.  ANI