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Nidhi Bhanot , Hindustan Times
Kila Raipur, February 02, 2013
A major tragedy was averted on the third day of 77th Kila Raipur sports festival when a rider lost control over a horse who hit a child during a race.
However, the matter of concern was that the child, Inderjit Singh, who received injuries in the mouth, stomach and right arm, was crying in pain but was not taken to a hospital by the team of doctors due to the lack of ambulance at the Grewal Sports Stadium.

The doctors kept treating the injured child with the limited medical aid being available with them at the stadium. After 15 minutes, "108 ambulance" was called to take the child to hospital as was bleeding profusely from his mouth.

Before the commencement of horse race, announcements were made for the public to move away from the field.

Though the public cleared the middle track from the ground, a rider lost control over the horse and it moved into a different direction, creating panic among the public who started running in different directions. In the incident, the horse hit the child.

The doctors on duty claimed that the child was just hit in his mouth and was given the best of the treatment by the medical team.