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Moscow, February 05, 2013
A Russian man has been jailed for three and a half years for posting hundreds of erotic photographs of his ex-girlfriend on pornographic websites after she broke up with him, Russian television reported on Tuesday.

Mikhail Balitsky, 32, was convicted on pornography and abuse of privacy charges after "publishing at least 200 photographs on Internet sites including pornographic ones," a spokesman for Moscow investigators, Sergei Stukalov, told state television.

Balitsky posted naked pictures of the woman, a primary school teacher, online over a period of two years in revenge after she broke up with him.

He also published the woman's personal details, including her full name, date of birth and address, and created accounts in her name on social networking sites that he filled with pornographic and erotic images.

The woman, 26, was forced to resign and leave the country after her pupils spotted the pictures, Russian television reported.

The woman moved to Britain a few months ago, Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid reported.

The investigation was launched after her parents made a complaint.

Experts ruled that Balitsky posted 11 pornographic shots of the woman, while the rest were classed as less explicit and "erotic".

"The first people to see the photos were her pupils from primary classes... It put us all in shock, and my daughter still can't get over it," the woman's father told the Life News website.

Balitsky's lawyer said that the harsh prison sentence was virtually unprecedented in Russia.

"No one has ever been sentenced to a mandatory sentence on such charges. Usually they get a fine or a suspended sentence or community service," said lawyer Pavel Orlov.