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Shalvi Mangaokar, Hindustan Times
February 06, 2013
The Oscar-nominated film Lincoln has been making waves at film festivals and movie theatres for a while now. In India, too, there is a lot of buzz surrounding its release. And now, to fuel the excitement even further, the makers plan to bring authentic memorabilia of the former American President to a suburban multiplex.

“The sculpture of Abraham Lincoln will be moved from the American Consulate (in Mumbai) for the first time. It will be placed within a display area at PVR Juhu,” says a source, adding, “They will showcase Lincoln’s life. There will also be memorabilia and books on display that the visitors will be able to browse through.”

The books that will be showcased at the theatre include Team Of Rivals (the book on which the movie is based), Collected Speeches Of Lincoln and Lincoln — The Lawyer, among others. A spokesperson from the film confirms the news, saying, “We are creating an entire area within the multiplex in honour of Abraham Lincoln. And for the first time, the Lincoln statue will be put up there.”

The enclosure is currently expected to be kept intact for at least a week.

Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis (who plays the role of Lincoln), the film will release in India on February 12.