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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, February 06, 2013
Television star Ram Kapoor’s absence from the promotional activities of Asha Bhosle’s debut film, Mai, had created quite a stir last week. Ram Kapoor could not even attend the premiere of the film that took place on January 31. “I was shooting for Welcome at Madh Island till 3 am, I had no choice,” he explains.

Reacting to producer Subhash Dawar’s statement about the actor’s lack of interest in promoting the film, Ram says, “Mai’s release was delayed by a year. My manager had informed them that I would not be available as I have two shoots and other film schedules lined up around then. But perhaps they didn’t take us seriously.” He adds, “The last three months have been the busiest of my career. Along with films, I also have a TV career to manage with two shows — Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Welcome. Things get hectic. And doing three to four films simultaneously is a superhuman task.”

Meanwhile, his jam-packed schedule seems to have affected the marketing plans of Yash Raj Films’ (YRF) Mere Dad Ki Maruti as well. “YRF promotes their films in a big way. And to accommodate my dates, even they have altered their plans. I may not even be in town for the premiere. That’s the reality of my life,” says Ram. Ram Kapoor gets nostalgic while shooting his next movie.

Ram Kapoor, who plays the role of a strict father in Mere Dad Ki Maruti, got nostalgic while he was shooting for the Yash Raj film. “It captures what a typical father-son relationship is like very well,” he says, adding that he can personally relate to all the mischievous stunts that his onscreen son pulls in the movie. “I have also done things like take my dad’s car out when he was out of town and crash it. My father and I used to fight a lot while I was growing up, but today he’s like a close friend. Now, I am looking forward to reliving these moments with my son.”.