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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
February 07, 2013
 In one of the most brazen robberies in the city, two men on a motorcycle forced a 55-year-old woman to give them her gold bangles after pulling her four-year-old granddaughter on to their bike and threatening to harm her. The robbers held a gun to the child’s head and demanded the jewellery, worth Rs6 lakh, from her grandmother.

At around 9.50 am, Sultana Memon, a Mahim resident, was walking her granddaughter Jannat to Canossa Convent School, Mahim, when the two accused stopped the bike near them at Gabriel road, police said.

“One of them pulled Jannat onto the bike and asked my mother for her bangles. When she refused to give them to her, they started the bike and rode a little ahead,” said Aiyaz Memon, Jannat’s uncle.

“Fearing they would kidnap Jannat, my mother ran behind them and shouted for help. They stopped the bike again, and pointed a gun at the child. In a panic, my mother gave them the four gold bangles she was wearing,” Aiyaz said.

The accused put the four-year-old down and fled. The woman then registered a complaint with the police. “While the complainant doesn’t recollect their faces clearly, we are preparing sketches based on the description she has given us,” said Prakash Sawant, assistant inspector of Mahim police.

“We have contacted the modus operandi bureau to see if any criminals have used a similar strategy and have accused the two of robbery,” he added.

The police said they suspect the accused could have used a toy gun to scare Sultana into giving them the gold. “We are also rounding up chain-snatchers and will present them before Memon,” Sawant said.

Aiyaz said that Sultana does not usually take Jannat to school, but the woman hired to do so had not turned up on Wednesday.