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Mohamed Thaver, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, February 08, 2013
In another case of an international credit/debit card   cloning fraud hitting citizens, an engineer was charged Rs59,899 for purchases made with his debit card at a Walmart outlet in Chantilly, France, while he was at work in Powai on January 16. “I had never heard of Chantilly. I was further let down by my bank and police,” said Zohar Jaorawala, 25. He immediately blocked his card, but was charged for another purchase of Rs16,410 a week later, which the bank clai-med was a pending transaction. He had now lost Rs76,300.

The Powai police, he claimed, did not register an FIR and told him that “police are not allowed to travel abroad to probe cases.” On his insistence, they checked with the cyber police and said only cases above Rs2 lakh are probed.