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Gurpreet Singh Mehak , Hindustan Times
Fatehgarh Sahib, February 10, 2013
Highly critical of the Union government for sending Afzal Guru to gallows, the Dal Khalsa on Sunday expressed the apprehension that after the hanging of Afzal,  Balwant singh Rajoana could be the next to be executed. Rajoana has been awarded capital punishment in the then chief minister Beant Singh’s assassination case and his mercy appeal is still pending.

The hardliner organisation said Afzal Guru’s hanging “shows a very disturbing trend by the Indian government".

As per Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh  opposing the capital punishment in principle for being inhuman, said "the hanging of Afzal Guru, is a purely political decision taken by the Indian government to consolidate the Hindu vote-bank, keeping an eye on the impending 2014 elections".

He said there was strong apprehension that this act of the state would pave the way for sending death row convict Rajoana to the gallows as the latter stood firmly in favour of Khalistan and rejects Indian justice system.

He wondered on what basis India has been advocating clemency for Sarabjit Singh, a death row convict in Pakistan while at home the Union government has ordered two executions within a short span of time.