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Prasad Nichenametla, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 11, 2013
Though Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has termed India as a land of mouse charmers, the mouse clicks and comments that overwhelmingly idolise him on his blog have been waning over the last three years.

On an average, each of Modi's blog posts received over 250 comments in 2010. The number came down to half, touching 125, in 2011. In 2012, it shrunk altogether to a paltry 24. And of the six blogs that appeared till February 8 this year, 16 is the highest number of comments that a blog received. The data for 2009 is not available.

The popular yet controversial BJP leader had launched his blog with great fanfare during the 2009 general elections. He was attempting to connect with the youth, a vast constituency that is increasingly glued to computers and Internet-enabled gadgets.

However, the blog's home site www.narendramodi.in remains the most popular website among political parties or persons in the country. Most of the visitors to the site are males or post-graduates who are under 35 years of age.

Alexa, a web information base, ranks the site at 15, 122 globally - based on traffic over the last three months. Modi's site ranks at 1,514 in India, which constitutes 93% of its audience. While the BJP website ranks at 9,219 in India, party patriarch LK Advani's site comes at 57,191. The ranking of the Congress party website stands at 22, 069.

Though comments have been dropping, the topics and content of the blogs explain their reception levels. The Statue of Unity (7 October, 2010) - talking about Modi's completion of nine years as CM and building a statue of Sardar Patel on the Narmada - attracted 707 comments, the highest ever.

Blogs lashing out at remarks of saffron terrorism (648) and a letter of thanks to the people following SIT probe (576) were the other most popular posts of 2010 in terms of comments.

The posts that invited the most comments in 2011 were the ones on Advani's Jan Chetana Yatra, with reference to the Emergency, the Bofors scandal (516), and an open letter to Anna Hazare (347). The 2012 posts, comparatively, were short on emotional and political fervour.

"Great team work performed by BJP under the greatest captain named Modi. Let's win Delhi now. Jay garvi Gujarat … Jai Hind …" an admirer, Vikas Joshi, stated on a post by Modi relating to the assembly poll victory in December.