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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 11, 2013
Think V-day is too cheesy for you? Don’t break your head trying to escape all the love. Relax and celebrate in cosy and fun ways.

Retro-style pyaar
Imagine your life in vivid technicolour and celebrate all the shades of love. Flip through the time gone by — from framed photographs to the little secrets that only the two of you share. Rent an old-style scooter, put your helmets on, and roam the city streets. Visit the Capital’s hot spots — the chaat corners — and add spice to your day. Go for some street shopping too. Colour rimmed glasses, resham bangles, a shared photo locket — indulge in all things cute. By putting a sepia tinge to your day, you’ll have more happiness to retrospect about in the years to come.

The filmy fundahttp://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/2/Valentines.jpg
Stack up the DVDs, grab the hot-spots on your couch, and have a romantic back-to-back Bollywood film session. If you are one of those who cringe at tearful elopements, love-sick heroes and perfectly-synced ‘impromptu’ dance numbers, change it up and indulge in some filmy flavour. Once you are heady with all the love, complete your lazy Valentine’s Day with yummy takeaway and endless conversations. 

Glamour Gods
Do you frequently make lavish dinner plans that mostly end up getting canned? Today, take time off your busy schedule and suit up for a fancy night. A bottle of pre-booked champagne, Victorian-style candelabras, multi-tiered delectable course and customised decadent desserts — make it a date to remember. You could even hire a limousine or any other luxury ride for the day to up the glamour factor. To make V-day more resplendant, look the part too. If you are usually comfortable in denims and tees, put on a three-piece ensemble, complete with a silk tie to impress your girl. And ladies, it’s time to finally take out that delicious dress and lust-worthy pumps to accompany.  

It’s now or never
If you have taken out time for love on Valentine’s Day, use it to help your partner strike out things from their bucket list. For example, has your girlfriend or wife always thought of chopping her hair off, but never had the courage? Has she been eyeing those four-inch stilettos for long but never had the confidence to carry them off? On Valentine’s Day, encourage her to take risks and get into action mode. Same goes for the ladies. Push your men to pamper themselves — be it a simple foot massage at home to an all-out pedicure at the parlour. You’d be surprised how he’s been craving for one and was too shy to tell you!