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HT Correspondent , Hindustan Times
Hoshiarpur, February 13, 2013
A local emu breeder, JR Emu Farms and Hatcheries, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SA Emu Oil Processors, a South African company.
The agreement was signed in the presence of over 100 emu farmers across the region and representatives from National Bank Of Agriculture and Rural Department (NABARD), Central Poultry Development Organization (CPDO), Chandigarh and Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana.

Peter Duncan, MD of SA Emu Oil Processors, advised the farmers to nurture the birds with care and provide them with healthy diet, so that they could lay healthy eggs and give better yield of oil and meat. The Emu oil is very profitable and in demand from pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, he informed. 

CPDO director Dr K Ravi Kumar said that a training session would be organized for the breeders to make them learn more. GDVASU head Dr I S Bajwa said that Emu meat was 98% fat-free and was rich in protein and vitamin E.  

Gunraj Singh, MD, JR Emu Farms and Hatcheries claimed that the emu bird was very profitable to keep as it offers a variety of products like meat and oil. Its feathers and hide can also be sold at a remunerative price. "The profits earned by EMU farming on 1 acre is far more than what can be earned from farm cultivation done similarly on an equal area. This can be a great opportunity for farmers with small land holdings and poultry farmers."