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Shreya Sethuraman, Hindustan Times
February 14, 2013
Come Dine With Me (BBC Entertainment) is a show that gets together four strangers, who will host dinners at their homes, and provide entertainment, all to score the most points. Our version, Welcome: Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki (LifeOK) tries its best to ‘emulate’ the original, but fails. Here’s why...

What’s cooking?
DineCome Dine With Me

BBC Entertainment
Life OK

Is it about food?
Mostly yes. And it shows exactly what the host is cooking and how, including the slip-ups.
No. It’s just exaggerated reality. And we don’t know how they manage to cook anything!

Made-to-order for
Those looking for something genuine and warm.
Voyeurs. Or those weaning off Bigg Boss.

Sense of humour
WelcomeIt’s as English as can be. Deadpan and sarcastic.
Humour? Sorry, we only love drama!

Getting along
The interaction seems staged at times, but things never turn ugly.
Bonhomie gone sour. Everybody only wants to  cry. Keep napkins handy!

Whose voice is it anyway?
Dave Lamb’s hilarious voiceover will have you rolling with laughter.
Welcome’s voiceover tries its best to match up to Lamb, but is no match.

Host-ing goodness
The show’s format is such that it doesn’t merit a host. It’s quite lovely the way it is!
Popular TV actor Ram Kapoor performs an unnecessary post-mortem at the end of every week.

From HT Brunch, February 17

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