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Ravinder Vasudeva, Hindustan Times
Patiala, February 14, 2013
The fertile land of Narmada valley in the tribal areas of northern Madhya Pradesh (MP) has become the favorite destination for small farmers of Punjab.
Though the migration started as a trickle about a decade ago, the steep rise in input costs and high inflation in recent years has led hundreds of farmers to districts in Naramada valley, where they are increasingly tapping opportunities for the past three years.

Since the area is poor, and the locals lack the money or expertise, Punjab’s farmers are employing their know-how for better returns in the tribal districts.

From Patiala alone, 40 farmers have purchased land in Shoepur district, especially in Baroda sub-division. “It was in 2009 that I decided to sell three acres of land in Punjab and invested that money to purchase 30 acres in MP. The entire economics of my farming has changed. Now I am earning 100 times better than I was in Punjab” said Satnam Singh Poonia, a farmer from Panjola village of Patiala, who has recently purchased 100 acres of land in village Siripura of Shoepur.

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