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Hindustan Times
Mumbai, February 15, 2013
Ask Saif Ali Khan if he is happy with Race 2’s success and he says: “I am going through mixed feelings. Of course, it’s exciting to have a R100 crore film under your belt, but I feel we got away with a lot of things. The first half was very slick and impressive while the second half seems a bit far-fetched.”

Talking about the third part, Saif adds, “It’s a very cool world to make a movie in; provided the script is impressive.”

Interestingly, the Nawab is already focused on the story and screenplay of the next film. “Let’s see what Shiraz Ahmed comes up with. I have also forwarded a few scripts, which came to my production house,” he says.

Any plans to celebrate Race 2’s success? “I honestly feel that the earnings of Race 2 could have gone up to R140 crore, but I don’t see a strong reason to celebrate. At the same time, I feel that things could have been worse. Anyway, throwing parties feels very gimmicky these days,” says Saif, adding, “But I am happy that I have got the biggest hit of my career.