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London, February 20, 2013
A raunchy restaurant in Japan is using scantly-clad female robots instead of real life women to provide adult entertainment to its customers. Revellers are charged with $25 for a time to enjoy watching dancing ‘fembots’ at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Kabukicho red light district, the Daily Mail reported. The statuesque 12ft machines are controlled by real-life women, wearing an equally small amount of clothes. Customers can also jump onto a robot’s lap and have a go at controlling the machine themselves. The strange entertainment attracts men and women from a wide age range, who can enjoy the bikini-wearing robots with a tea or alcoholic drink. Ani

Russian leader demands no-smoking laws
London: A senior Russian leader has called for tough laws similar to the smoking ban to crack down on over-eating and ‘excessive’ sex. Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has said banning smoking in public places doesn’t go far enough and laws should tackle obesity and sex too, the Daily Mail reported. Zhirinovsky— also the parliament’s deputy speaker— said eating restrictions are necessary as people are overfed and too fat. He said Russian people die twenty years earlier than the rest of the world because they eat and smoke excessively. ANI

Pizza shop owner offers discount to gun owners
New York: A pizza shop owner in Virginia, US, who employs gun-carrying delivery drivers, has offered a 15% discount on their food bills to customers owning firearms. All Around Pizza owner Jay Laze said he got the idea from a similar incentive offered by a frozen yogurt store in Utah, and added the discount is a way to show his support for the Second Amendment in the US Constitution. Laze, who was aiming to make his business a target for sharp shooters, said any customer would have to show their weapon or permit and then can receive the discount.Ani