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Pretoria, February 20, 2013
I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated murder, as I had no intention to kill my girlfriend.

On the 13th of February 2013 Reeva would have gone out with her friends and I with my friends. Reeva then called me and asked that we rather spend the evening at home. I agreed. By about 22:00hrs on February 13, we were in our bedroom.

She was doing her yoga exercises and I was in bed watching TV. My prosthetic legs were off. We were deeply in love and I could not be happier. She had given me a present for Valentine's Day.

After Reeva finished her yoga exercises she got into bed and we both fell asleep. I am acutely aware of violent crime being committed by intruders entering homes I have also been a victim of violence and of burglaries before.

During the early morning hours of February 14, I woke up, went onto the balcony to bring the fan in and closed the sliding doors, the blinds and the curtains.

I heard a noise in the bathroom and realised that someone was in the bathroom. I believed that someone had entered my house.

I grabbed my 9mm pistol. On my way to the bathroom I screamed words to the effect for him/them to get out of my house and for Reeva to phone the police.

It was pitch dark in the bedroom and I thought Reeva was in bed. I noticed that the bathroom window was open.

It filled me with horror and fear of an intruder or intruders being inside the toilet…I fired shots at the toilet door and shouted to Reeva to phone the police.

She did not respond ... Everything was pitch dark. When I reached the bed, I realised Reeva was not in bed. That is when it dawned that it could have been Reeva who was in the toilet.

I battled to get her out of the toilet and pulled her into the bathroom. I carried her downstairs in order to take her to the hospital. ... I tried to render the assistance to Reeva that I could, but she died in my arms.

I cannot bear to think of the suffering I have caused her and her family. I also know that the events of that tragic night were as I have described them.