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Indo-Asian News Service
New Delhi, February 21, 2013
President Pranab Mukherjee Thursday said the government was "burdened" by anxieties about economic slowdown, job insecurity and provision of security for women and children.

In his first address to a joint session of Parliament on Thursday, Mukherjee spoke of persisting social and economic inequality, and said: "I am aware that an aspirational India is emerging, an India that demands more opportunities, greater choices, better infrastructure, and enhanced safety and security.

"Our youth, our greatest national asset, are a confident and courageous lot. I have no doubt that their passion, energy and enterprise will take India to new heights," he said.

The president said: "Amidst these aspirations, we are also burdened by gathering anxieties about economic slowdown, job security and employment prospects. People are concerned about the security of our women and children. They are also anxious about timely delivery of their entitlements and about persisting social and economic inequality".