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New York, February 21, 2013
A Spanish adult star has claimed that she sneaked into the prestigious Madrid film awards ceremony and recorded an X-rated scene in the venue's bathroom.

Ana Marco said that she sneaked past tight security "without any problem" to enter the Centro de Congresos Principe Felipe in Madrid for Sunday night's 2013 Goya Cinema Awards. 

When stars like Skyfall villain Javier Bardem lined up to collect their awards, she was busy filming an X-rated scene with porn actor David el Moreno in the restroom, the New York Daily News reported.

She told Vertele.com that she wanted to be the first porn actress to film there and she doesn't feel bad as she hasn't done anything wrong. She said that she got past security easily as no one asked her for identification.

The clip is expected to be posted online later this week. A trailer that shows Marco at the awards and walking to the bathroom, has already been uploaded. Alicante-based Marco said that once the shooting was complete she spent the rest of the evening hobnobbing with stars of the Spanish silver screen.