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Rajendra Bist, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 22, 2013
We are worried about life after death all the time. To some extent, it is natural. But why should we give undue importance to death?  It is an event in our life and it is sure to come.

So let's endeavour to comprehend the real import of life. It is a sort of colourful exhibition with all sorts of items - some of them for sale and some for display. Let's go round the exhibition to pick up things we like for their qualities and utility.

Any attempt to define what life exactly would be is an exercise in futility. But one thing that would be acceptable to all is that we should lead a good life. Again, what is good life is debatable. American writer Christopher Darlington Morley said there are three ingredients to good life - learning, earning and yearning.

Life is a mystery; but in actual practice, each individual is living a life of his own. The stories of our lives may be different but the entire gamut of our activities is covered within the parameters of the mystery called life.

To an infant, his parents are his life. His world is complete when they are in the company of their parents.

 But with the passage of time, as we grow up, we are exposed to a new world where people have their own priorities. There is at times a clash of priorities which may also mean clash of interests in the days to come. We are now full grown men and are supposed to take care of ourselves.

In other words, the struggle begins and it continues till we breathe our last. As Omar Khayyam summed up: one thing is certain, life flies; One thing is certain, and the rest is lies; The flower that once has blown forever dies.