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Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 22, 2013
Multi-band gigs seems to be a growing trend in Delhi’s music scene. Haven’t been to one yet? Read on. Delhi-based progressive rock band, The Circus, is hosting an event, where they’ll share the stage with musicians from 13 other known city bands. “We are launching our second album, Bats, and we thought we should do so in company of our friends from the music fraternity and our fans,” says Anshul Lall, drummer of The Circus. For Abhishek Bhatia, the band’s vocalist, treating the audience to a free live show is worth it. “This way, more people will come and if they like our music, they’ll buy our album and tickets for our live shows,” he says.Guitar

While for Randeep Singh, bassist of Menwhopause, “It’s all for the love of music and friends.” Musician Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor, feels this will set an example for other bands. “It’s a fantastic idea. I’m thinking of doing the same when we launch our second album,” he says. As for what you’ll hear them play, Akshay Chowdhry, vocalist, guitarist of Barefaced Liar, hints: “We might be playing a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Wish.”

Bands collaborating with The Circus
1. Faridkot
2. Menwhopause
3. BareFaced Liar
4. Half step down
5. Cyanide
Faridkot6. Parikrama
7. Undying Inc
8. Frequency
9. Delhi Metal Project
10. Artillerie
11. SkyHarbor
12. Frame/Frame
13. Fire Exit

Catch them here
What: The Circus and friends Live
When: February 28
Timing: 8pm onwards
Where: Blue Frog, The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Mehrauli
NEAREST METRO STATION: Qutub Minar on Yellow Line