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Nidhi Bhanot, Hindustan Times
Ludhiana, February 23, 2013
Renowned singer, music composer, lyricist and actor Shekher Sen was in city to perform a mono act musical play: Kabeer at the Guru Nanak Bhawan on Saturday. He also sang the background hymns for Lakshman and Bharat in the Ramayana.
“In the present times very few persons perform a mono act musical play and I feel happy to stage such plays in our country and abroad,” Sen said.

Sen practices his plays for seven to eight hours a day and is preparing for his fifth play, which he would introduce later in the year.

In Kabeer, Shekher acts in 38 different characters and speak in different voices. He feels that a mono-act musical play can reach deep to the hearts of the audience with the expressions and music.

He adds, “I have always got a very good response from the audience whenever I have performed in England, Johannesburg and different parts of India. But once, when I was performing in Madras, I was worried, as the maximum people only knew Tamil, but at the end of the play one old woman came and said that she did not understand even a single word of the play but from the expressions and music she knew it was excellent.”