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Arundhati Chatterjee, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 24, 2013
A team of more than 20 Russian ice performers are in the city for a two month-long stint. They will present an astonishing display of moves on ice, coupled with grace and beauty, as they put on a performance of critically-acclaimed international Broadway productions, Cirque de Glace and Snow White On Ice.

DramaWhile the former is a tale of the creation of our planet, and follows man’s evolution and his journey to the limits of technology, the latter showcases one of the most-loved fairy-tales. Performers will present the original story of an enchanted mirror, a beautiful girl and Prince Charming through ballet, gymnastics and aerial aerobatics.

“They have been practicing for over a week at the newly built theatre conclave, in Aamby Valley, one of the largest promenades in India, where all the shows will be staged,” says Guy Ongley, spokesperson, the Deplidge International Production House.

The entire stage will be transformed into a frozen wonderland for the performances. Each performance, of about two hours, will showcase amazing choreography, breathtaking stunts, truly awe-inspiring sets along with some brilliant lighting and special effects.

“India is renowned as the land of art and culture and we are extremely pleased to perform here. We are really looking forward to performing for an increasingly discerning audience. It is an honour to bring international quality performances to India,” adds Ongley.

The Snow White show is on till March 10 at Aamby Valley. Cirque de Glace is scheduled from March 13 to April 17. For more details and bookings, call 3980 7444.