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Himika Chaudhuri , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 26, 2013
It is not every day that actor and activist Shabana Azmi takes time off to support a student’s programme. Well, that’s exactly what happened last Thursday when ten participating schools of the Steer to Safety campaign, gathered at a cineplex in the city to share a bunch of one-minute films that they have made on road safety.

The event was an outcome of a five-month-long initiative, run across 100 schools in Delhi and NCR among 1 lakh students who have been trained on road safety. “This is an effort on our part to address core social issues that affect the community that we live in,” says Sanjeev K Bijli, of PVR Nest, the CSR wing of the multiplex chain that has created this project. And it’s not just films, students were trained through a host of art, drama and puppetry workshops as part of the project. “These one-minute films will be shown at all our multiplexes before each show,” said Bijli. The programme was also supported by the French embassy.