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Aditi Caroli, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, March 02, 2013
Author Anuja Chauhan, who is out with her third book, Those Pricey Thakur Girls, is being touted as the Jane Austen of India after her latest outing. However, Chauhan does not want to be stereotyped. “You write a book about five sisters, people will immediately say Pride and Prejudice. I’ve reconciled to it, but it’s always nice to be recognised as yourself,” says the 42-year-old Delhi-based writer.

Another tag she hates is that of a ‘chick-lit writer’. “Chick is a rude word. If you call it women’s literature, it’s still fine. There are good books and bad books. I don’t like a tag beyond that. Chick is an obnoxious word which means you’re small, bred to be eaten and have no brain. So I’m not a chick and I don’t write for chicks. Books should not be bracketed,” she says.

Actor Sonam Kapoor, who has the movie rights to one of her books, launched this book in the Capital recently. “Frankly, as a writer that’s where your money lies. Money does come from getting a movie made out of a book. Also, your story reaches a wider audience,” she says.