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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, March 04, 2013
Ever since actor Karan Singh Grover made his debut on the small screen, his popularity has only soared. In spite of taking a two-year break from serials post his successful show, Dill Mil Gayye, his comeback with Zee’s Qubool Hai has been received very well.

In this interview, he talks about kissing on-screen, his wife Jennifer Winget and his resemblance to Arnav (Barun Sobti’s character in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon).

Who do you credit the success of Qubool Hai to?
The Muslim background and narrative of the story have added an additional edge to the show. I had never played a role like Asad before. That’s why I took it up.

People feel your character Asad is similar to Arnav (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon) as both are arrogant yet reticent people. What do you feel?
I was supposed to play that character, but it eventually went to Barun. I think there are only two kinds of heroes — the flamboyant ones and the angry yet silent types. Every character on TV falls into either category.

On TV, there are hardly any kissing scenes. Why, then, have you put a clause in your contract about not kissing?
I am not against any kind of physical intimacy on screen, but kissing is a big no unless it’s with Jennifer. I’d like to kiss her on-screen as we do it at home too (laughs). If
we get paid for it, that’s even better. 

Your marriage anniversary is around the corner, are you planning on starting a family?
I am ready to have babies; maybe in another year.

You’re often incommunicado while on vacation. Why?
If you are referring to the recent trip Jenny and I took to Goa, well, my phone’s battery went dead and I didn’t feel like charging it. It was my birthday and with our shooting schedules, we hardly get time to spend together. It was important for us to be on our own.

What is the status of your film,  Lori?
It’s dubbed and ready for release. But it’s been a quite a while. I am not in touch with the makers and now I hope the film doesn’t release at all.  

What, according to you, is the worst scene you have done?
There was a scene in Qubool Hai where Asad shoots his father. After shooting for it, I was drained completely. At times, my character’s mood gets very depressing. Post shoot, it takes a good half hour to get out of character, to leave Asad behind. Jenny’s understood that, but if I take longer, she slaps me out of it (laughs).

Is there any disturbing trend you’ve seen on TV?
Guys don’t shave. Everyone has a stubble, which is quite disturbing (laughs).

Is there any issue or topic you’d like to see serials highlighting?
It’ll be nice to watch a serial on underground street fighting. I’ve a brilliant story on it too.