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New York, March 06, 2013
Sharon Stone has weighed in on Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair, saying that he isn't the only one to be blamed for the end of his marriage, but also his former wife Maria Shriver. The Basic Instinct star said that she was disappointed on hearing the news about his infidelity.

"But whatever happened in their home was happening with both of them. It's a terrible thing -- and it's easy to say, Oh, it's just something that he did, but this took place in their home, over a decade. It happened with both of them," the Huffington Post quoted her as telling The Sunday Times.

Shriver filed for divorce in July 2011, almost two months after allegations surfaced that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with former household staffer Mildred Baena.

It's worth noting that Schwarzenegger himself has taken responsibility for the affair, telling Fox News Sean Hannity in an October 2012 interview that he couldn't blame anybody else but [himself].