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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, March 06, 2013
India should see that the battle in Bangladesh doesn’t become a war This refers to the editorial Dhaka’s being dragged down (Our Take, March 4). The death sentence given to Jamaat-e-Islami’s Delwar Hossain Sayedee has further escalated the violence in Bangladesh. This juncture is crucial, and it is essential that India support the Sheikh Hasina government at this time. Not only will Bangladesh benefit from the stability provided by an Awami League government, India will too. What is happening in Bangladesh is a battle. We need to make sure it doesn’t become a war.

Debanjan Banerjee, Kolkata

Twice lucky for many leaders

Subir Bhaumik in Performance pays (March 4) is right in stating that anti-incumbency is no longer a predictable trend among the electorate. The return of incumbent governments in three North-east states has made it amply clear that development and good governance pays. The rise in voter turnout indicates a degree of assertion on the part of the people, and these signs are an indication of our democracy’s maturity. 

M Chandra, via email

The right to be taken seriously

The editorial Determination deficit (March 4) rightly mentions that unless an issue becomes a threat to their political existence, ruling parties hardly ever take problems seriously. By not providing adequate security to women, governments give morally corrupt individuals the licence to commit crimes. While it is true that even the most efficient policing will not prevent all crime, the steady increase in violence is cause for alarm. The growing frustration and anger among Indians need to be addressed by the government.

Mohd K Roomi, Delhi

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