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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, March 07, 2013
What better way to achieve beauty than naturally? Teaming ancient beauty therapies with a scientific approach, leading Indian beauty experts Shahnaz Husain and Vandana Luthra have confidently perched their trends abroad. And, this has spurred a global herbal revolution of sorts.

On Women’s Day, the ladies tell us what makes Indian beauty products and therapies sought after abroad, and how beauty can transform lives. “The world is adopting Ayurveda like never before. The interest in Indian herbs has prompted research in many countries. There is a growing global market for herbal healing, and people are repelled by chemical treatments that can have  side effects,” says Husain, who retails her products at the prestigious Selfridges Store in London. Husain owns two beauty clinics in London, apart from seven franchise salons in the city, and plans to open salons in USA, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, among other countries.

Another Indian beauty brand, VLCC (Vandana Luthra Curls & Curve), forayed overseas in 2006, with its first centre in Dubai. With over 50 centres in overseas markets, the
brand recently opened a centre in Malaysia, and now plans centers in Egypt and Indonesia. “The back to nature wave has taken over the world. Combining natural ingredients with a scientific approach has given us an unbeatable edge,” says Luthra.