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Saudamini Jain, Hindustan Times
March 09, 2013
Everything fun is already on the Internet. Well, we found 41 very fun websites that you must check out. The list was in the last issue of BrunchQ and now, it’s on hindustantimes.com/brunch too! Here’s a teaser: bookshelfporn.com
Walls, furniture, random objects – all converted into bookshelves. These photos are porn for book lovers.
iSketchThe only thing better than Pictionary is the game online. This is a chat room of sorts, full of random-people-on-the-Internet. One person draws, everybody else types their guesses in the chat box.

That yummy-looking spaghetti sauce from The Godfather or the egg in a basket V makes for Evey in V for Vendetta? Here are recipes from movies!
You’ve got to have a favourite word – because of where you first read it, or the person who told you what it means, or just the way it sounds. This is a list of people’s favourite words and why. Add yours.
I’ve always wanted to sell Justin Bieber to someone on Mars. With Pop Salad, I can - sort of. It works like stocks and shares. If a celeb is generating gossip, his/her price hikes. Let's all sell Bieber!

From HT Brunch, March 10

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