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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Gurgaon, March 11, 2013
In just two months this year, 2,556 school buses were challaned for violating guidelines laid by the high court to ensure a safe commute for school kids.
More than 6,500 motorists were also penalized under the Motor Vehicle Act for not using seat belts while driving, the traffic police data for January-February said.

According to the data, 5,506 drivers were fined for driving in wrong lanes and 4,286 for parking illegally.

Several road safety drives carried out by the Gurgaon traffic police has failed to reign in the menace of traffic rule violations.

Apart from checks on drunken driving, the traffic police department also organizes regular drives to spread awareness about following lane discipline, especially on the Gurgaon Expressway which is used by heavy vehicles.

Two-wheeler drivers without helmets and motorists using cellphones is also a common violation, police said.

When asked about not wearing a helmet while driving, Shashank Ahlawat, a student, said, “I feel uncomfortable with a helmet. Moreover, I hardly spot any police officers in my locality,”

Many drivers are also spotted with ear phones, listening to music or talking to friends. This trend, police say, is dangerous cause it diverts the driver’s attention from the road.

“We conduct regular drives and have plans for the future too. The aim of spreading awareness is to bring down the accident graph which has shot up due to negligence of motorists,” said joint commissioner of Gurgaon police, Maheshwar Dayal.