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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Amritsar, March 15, 2013
Amandeeep Hospital on Friday announced the launch of Autologous Platelet Concentrate technology with an aim to address the growing problem of osteoarthritis among the younger population of the city. The technology aims to provide non-surgical treatment to patients with knee osteoarthritis by collecting small amount of blood that is later processed and concentrated and rich plasma is injected into the knee.

Dr Avtar Singh, the hospital founder, told mediapersons that living with damaged joints affects quality of life and opting for surgery is an option that not many want to consider.

Platelet-rich plasma is a welcome alternative for those who wish to address this issue at the early stages of the disease. The use of one's own cells and growth factors to repair damaged joints is a form of biological resurfacing, he added. Dr Vivek Mahajan, consultant doctor, stressed on the utility of these injections and the necessity of the technology. "With this new technology, it is now possible to inject platelet concentrates into the affected joints.

The platelet-rich plasma injection is aimed at reducing pain. The early results of some of our patients treated recently are very promising," he added.