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New York, March 19, 2013
The Twilight Saga's author Stephenie Meyer has revealed that she is saddened over Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's traumatic and very public love trials. The best selling author told Britain's The Times magazine that though there might be actors who want to be famous and household names with their infamous escapades that doesn't apply to the Twilight co-stars.

The pair's love life off-screen may have arguably attracted more attention than their on-screen romance last summer.

Stewart, 22, caused quite a stir when she was caught cheating on Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, her 42-year-old married director for Snow White and the Huntsman.

The controversy blurred the lines between the lover's relationship in real-life.

"I just don't think they enjoy the parts [of fame] that other people would. And I totally get that, because it would not be my thing either," the New York Daily News quoted Meyer as saying.

Though the duo reconciled last fall, they continue living in the public spotlight, while Meyer can keep her life privately behind the book and movie fame.

"At the same time and this is where the guilt comes from?  it's created this nice peaceful place for me. They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about," the author said.