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Agence France-Presse
March 22, 2013
This week Google began rolling out image search filters to make it easier for users to find exactly the kind of gif they are looking for.

According to Google's Google+ post, when searching images users can now search for gifs with ease. To do this search images for an object, horse for example, select "Search tools" on the right hand side, then from the dropdown menu select "Any type" from the usual bar of options, (with "Any size", "Any color" etc). Clicking "Any type" will then display a list of options including "Animated."

As if that wasn't exciting enough for gif fans, Google has also launched filters to further refine the results. Thanks to these new changes, users can now select the color of their gif, even, if they wish, choosing a "Transparent" option.

 In the continuing theme of gifs, Google also offered a little trivia via its Google+ post, writing, "Even if you're a fan of animated gifs -- say you were the first to email your friends the slow loris very slowly eating a rice ball (goo.gl/KDDX1) -- you may not know that the origins of animation go as far back as 1879 and Eadweard Muybridge's "zoopraxiscope" (see our doodle homage to Muybridge: goo.gl/PGQW3). Gifs have been around since 1987 and have become the de facto standard for short animations on the web, from pony glitter text (goo.gl/iZoEZ) to grumpy cat memes (goo.gl/bC9um)."